Institutional Broking

Our solutions are used by leading institutional brokers who need fast access to real-time global data, trading and connectivity on one platform using the very best technologies.

Retail Online Broking

We enable online brokers to provide end-to-end trading support for their clients through one proven, reliable solution that improves efficiency and keeps costs down.

Retail Full Service Broking

Retail brokers around the world depend on our end-to-end technology to give them the right information at the right time enabling them to make the decisions they need to, fast.

Investment Management

Leading investment managers around the world choose our proven and reliable technology for access to real-time global data, trading and portfolio management on one platform.

Securities Lending & Borrowing

We work with leading participants, lenders, agents and borrowers, who want to drive efficiency and reduce costs. Our SLB technology is the most widely used system in the South African market.

Liquidity Providers

We automate market making and arbitrage operations for liquidity providers and give them the ability to scale business without scaling resources and cost.

Financial Data Consumers

We provide comprehensive, accurate, real-time market data for all types of companies that need access to it including financial services providers, listed companies and media houses.

Financial Planning

We work with forward-thinking advice firms of all sizes who want to deliver great advice, effectively and profitably by providing integrated adviser software solutions, expertise and support.

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